U.S. Military Videos & Photos was created back in 2007 to help spread the word on positive things that our men and women of the United States Military are doing around the world. At a time during the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars when the mainstream media was posting only negative news, we decided to post the positive news and photos of the military in training and action.

We began getting our videos from the Department of Defense and posting them to YouTube. Until about 2016 all was good until YouTube changed its direction and became very anti-military and anti-firearms. This has forced us after 10 years of posting videos to try and find a new way and place to post these great views into the military.

We have several major milestones:

Over 10,500 videos posted to date!

More than 12,000 Hi-resolution photos!

Over 250,000 subscribers and growing by several thousand a month!

More than 135,000,000 views and growing by over 2 million a month!

You can follow us here and be notified of any future postings of videos and photos!

SO stay tuned for more to come. We are working on partnering with OpsLens.com to expand and replace the YouTube portion of our social Network. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter or here.

You can reach us at info@usmilitaryvideos.us