The JLTV (Joint Light Tactical Vehicle) is the replacement for the HMMV…

The US Military is replacing the HMMV with the JLTV which is now starting to make its way out into the field and units downrange.

From the OshKosh website description:

The mission demands the JLTV. Setting a new standard for light vehicle performance outside the wire.

The slope ahead looks nearly impossible to climb. There’s no time to plan another route. But your Oshkosh® JLTV was made for this mission. Its powerful drivetrain and advanced suspension system will get you over this steep incline and through the rocky ravine on the other side. And it will keep you connected with a fully integrated C4ISR system. That’s when decades of TWV engineering and manufacturing experience behind the Oshkosh logo mean everything.

Built with the capability to serve as a highly mobile and protected command center, the Oshkosh JLTV hosts a complete C4ISR network solution while maintaining its payload, performance, protection and off-road mobility. CAPABILITIES • In-house C4ISR engineering and integration experts with unique understanding of vehicle design • C4 mechanical, electrical and user interface factored into vehicle designs to reduce integration time and optimize overall system performance • Wired for current and future C4ISR systems on the production line, ready for the mission on delivery • Integrated network allows the vehicle systems to operate independently or as part of a common operational picture • Easily reconfigure vehicle systems in the field to meet demands of the evolving battlefield with mission expansion packages.

The Oshkosh® TAK-4i ™ intelligent independent suspension system* is the next generation of the world’s most advanced, combat-proven suspension system TAK-4. TAK-4i provides Warfighters with unprecedented maneuverability and a smoother ride to reduce fatigue after traveling the world’s toughest terrains. Where the road ends, TAK-4i ™ just gets started. CAPABILITIES • 70% faster off-road speeds than today’s gold standard TWV • 20 inches (508 mm) of usable wheel travel for improved off-road mobility • Adaptable suspension can be raised and lowered to meet transportability requirements using interior controls • High-performance brake solution to provide exceptional stopping and grade holding capability • Unprecedented levels of off-road performance

By applying advanced components and materials, and a fully-integrated systems engineering process, Oshkosh delivers the Core1080™ crew protection system. Core1080 has been proven on multiple vehicle platforms and credited for saving thousands of troops’ lives over the past decade. Core1080 crew protection isn’t just a layer of armor or a seat – it’s a comprehensive design and testing approach that has been proven to increase survivability and give troops confidence as they complete their missions outside the wire. Life-saving vehicle designs for the ever-changing battlefield. CAPABILITIES • Off-road mobility and power to escape high-threat situations • Advanced hull designs that are built to optimize survivability against a full range of blast and ballistic threats • Blast protected seats, restraints and stowage to minimize crew impact during adverse events • An integrated system designed to absorb and deflect blast energy • Automatic fire suppression systems • Plug and play integration of situational awareness systems.

Whether traveling over hazardous terrain or unpaved roads, the L-ATV’s digitally-controlled engine maintains steady and reliable power that Soldiers and Marines rely on to keep their missions moving. Response, speed and power wherever the mission leads. CAPABILITIES • Greater versatility and efficiency • Improved fuel economy in both idle and operational modes • Power train adapts to different operating conditions • Optimized engine power-to-weight ratio to provide superior acceleration, mobility and speed on grade capability.



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